Welcome to Maple HIll Syrup!

Welcome to our Farm!

Maple Hill Syrup Farms represents 6 generations of pure maple syrup production. I, Victor Putnam, owner of Maple Hill Syrup, is the inventor of our small-diameter, stainless steel spiles, which are the most tree-friendly spiles on the planet. This project stemmed from my concerns for the maple trees. At Maple Hill Syrup Farms we offer a wider and unique variety of maple products and are working on developing more.

Our customers love us!

I never liked Maple Sugar until I had yours for the first time. I love them.

Dawn G.New York

Your maple syrup is the best on the East Coast.

Emily V. California

I think your syrup is the best. I've been using your syrup for over 15 years.

Margo L.New York