"love this place. ordering online is easy and fast. this is the only maple syrup that my autistic son will eat. we picked a bottle up when I went back home in May, and love it."

Christina,  Colorado

"Great maple syrup! won't buy the grocery store stuff ever again."

Carolyn,  Massachusetts

"Very highly recommended! A little bit of “liquid gold” from our old stomping grounds in upstate NY!"

Susanne,  North Carolina

"Absolute best maple syrup."

Mark,  Maryland

"Their roots go back a long time, and there is a lot of history to tell. We spent a magical afternoon learning, which is my favorite way to spend a day. Everyone was friendly and passionate about what they do. My 3 year old great nephew had a blast. And the syrup is yummy."

Shirley,  New York

"Super nice people with lots of information and delicious products including and not limited to maple cream,  maple candy and maple cotton candy!"

Holly,  California

"I think your syrup is the best. I've been using your syrup for over 15 years."

Margo,  New York

Maple Hill Syrup Farms

Maple Hill Syrup Farms is the legacy of 6 generations of pure maple syrup production, and careful land management. Members of the Putnam Family have been farming in Schoharie County since the 1700's. Our ancestors fought  and led in the Revolutionary War and have stewarded the land since.  Our Maple Syrup extraction is part of a brand new technology, invented by current owner, Victor Putnam, to promote more sustainable practices in Maple extraction. Victor's patented revolutionary  small diameter stainless steel spiles cause far less damage to the tree than traditional and current commercial, plastic spiles. 

At Maple Hill Syrup Farms we offer a wider and unique variety of maple products and are working on developing more.

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