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Tap for Maple Sap the eco-friendly way

Sap season is almost here!

Have you been searching for a better way to tap without using the standard throw-away plastic spiles (also called taps, spouts, spigots) that are NOT environmentally friendly and DO inflict long-term damage to your trees?

We have your solution for a better, greener way to tap for sap! Use our stainless-steel Maple Infinity Spile and reap:

Tree Health: This significantly smaller 5/32″ spile creates far less tree damage than the standard 5/16″ plastic spile. Put another way, each plastic spile creates 300% more tree damage than our micro spile! Less damage means your trees will heal faster, enjoy a longer, more productive life span and ensure greater success to your syrup production for years to come!

Uncompromised sap yield: A recent Cornell University study (tested on a gravity system) comparing the performance of the Infinity Spile to a standard plastic spile confirms equal capability in sap production!

Reusable: The Infinity stainless steel spile is made to last as long as you are interested in tapping (forever, right?). Then pass on to the next generation of tappers. Ultrasonic cleaning is a simple method of sanitation. No more plastic waste!

Cost-Saving: an investment in the Maple Infinity Spile system will pay for itself in 3 to 4 years of use (compared to the cost of plastic year after year).

Spiles are $3.00 each, 10 spile minimum order.

We offer three starter packages:

  • 10-10) 10 Maple Infinity Spiles + 10, 42″ drop lines + a 5/32″ drill bit $55
  • 30-30) 30 Maple Infinity Spiles + 30, 42″ drop lines + a 5/32″ drill bit $132
  • 50-50) 50 Maple Infinity Spiles + 50, 42″ drop lines + a 5/32″ drill bit $210

Priority Shipping costs are included in the above package prices.

Shipping costs for other quantities will be calculated at time of order.

Orders of 300 spiles or more will receive a free starter package that includes:

  • 1 hammer
  • 2 drill bits (5/32″)
  • Free shipping

–A single discount of 10 cents per Maple Infinity Spile purchased will be given for each plastic spile turned in for recycling

TAPPING METHODS: These spiles were created for use with a pipeline (tubing) system, but you can use them with buckets or pails. Just set the containers on the ground, or secure to the tree with bungee cords, and extend your drop line(s) into them.

Don’t be caught without your new tapping equipment when the sap starts running!

For more information and to order, please call 518-234-4858 or email to mhfarmsyrup@gmail.com.  A new website is under construction: Maplehillsyrup.com

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