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Maple Infinity Spile in Bulk


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***Tap for Maple Sap the eco-friendly way!***
Have you been searching for a sustainable way to tap without using the standard throw-away plastic spiles that are NOT environmentally-friendly and DO inflict longer-term damage to your trees?
Our stainless steel Maple Infinity Spile is the answer! This innovative tap offers:

  • Better Tree Health
    • The Infinity Spile requires a tap hole of only 5/32″, or at least 50% smaller than a 5/16″ hole created by using standard plastic spouts. That is at least 50% less damage per tap, which means the holes left behind after a season will heal much quicker (nearly always by next season), promoting a healthier, more productive life span of each tree or an entire maple woods. Not to mention greater success to your syrup production for years to come!
  • Uncompromised Sap Yield
    • A 2014 Cornell University study (tested on a gravity system) comparing the performance of the Infinity Spile to a standard plastic Spile confirms equal capability in sap production!
  • Reusable
    • The Infinity precision-made stainless steel spile is made to last forever. Ultrasonic cleaning is a simple and inexpensive method of sanitation. No more plastic waste!
  • Cost-Saving
    • While this spile costs more than a plastic spout, it is a one-time investment that pays for itself in approx. 5 years of use (compared to annual replacement costs with throwaways). Infinity spiles were designed for use with a pipeline (5/16″ tubing) system.

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